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Everyone has been going all gooey over our fabulously appealing Christmas advertising campaign - remember the Hare & the Bear from laSt year ? Well, we've outdone that story with Sam and his little penguin chum, Monty.

Monty & Mabel are modelled on the endangered Adélie Penguins from the Antarctic - these beautiful creatures are on the Endangered Species list, and therefore John Lewis is donating a bit of money for every download of the advert song to the WWF - also the Monty toys and book that have been created are busy raising money too, for our charity this year, which is Bernado's !!

For anyone overseas who hasn't seen this amazing creation, the advert is here:-

Of course, just like last year, we decided that John Lewis in Oxford St. and Peter Jones in Sloane Square would get a beautifully crafted Christmas window-run that ties in with the advert, created by the same people that did this last year - Chameleon (remember all the animals made out of products - the reindeer made out of Dyson hoover bits and pieces, the Wii polar bears and the hares made out of hair-dryers ?) and so here I give you Monty & Mabel and their enormous brood of penguins, running riot at Peter Jones...

These windows were kept well under wraps until Friday evening when the Oxford St lights were switched on, and the Sloane Square / Peter Jones lights were switched on too - when people came into work on Saturday last week, they were revealed in all their glory, and they really do put a big smile on your face as you walk past !!

Here they are - enjoy:-

Mabel enjoys knitting giant jumpers, woolly hats and scarves for her brood:-

Penguins 01 (800x600)

Penguins 02 (600x800)

Penguins 03 (800x600)

WINDOW 13-17
Sending them all off to Penguin school - I love their little satchels !!

Penguins 04 (800x600)

Penguins 05 (800x600)

Monty enjoys watching a little TV - himself in the advert of course, is prime-time viewing !!

Penguins 06 (800x600)

WINDOW 16 - 17
Mabel does the washing for all the family...while the kids play havoc with the undies !!

Penguins 07 (800x600)

Penguins 08 (800x600)

Penguins 09 (800x600)

Penguins 10 (600x800)

WINDOW 18 - 20
They all like to be kept in the picture...

Penguins 11 (800x600)

Penguins 12 (800x600)

Penguins 13 (800x600)

WINDOW 28 - 33
The whole family eats together - mackerel for tea anyone ?!! They clearly had fun creating the newspaper that Monty's reading...

Penguins 14 (800x600)

Penguins 15 (800x600)

Penguins 16 (800x600)

WINDOW 35 - 39
The skateboard park...the kids race on scooters, skates, and anything else that makes them mobile...Mabel checks their helmets and Monty controls the flag at the other end...

Penguins 17 (600x800)

Penguins 18 (600x800)

Penguins 19 (600x800)

Penguins 20 (600x800)

Whoosh....what fun !!

WINDOW 40 - 43
This is our amazing collection of life-size baby animals on sale, in soft toy form - yes, even the giraffe...aren't they fab ?!! I love the tiger - he looks so grumpy !!

Penguins 21 (800x600)

Penguins 22 (800x600)

Penguins 23 (600x800)

Penguins 24 (600x800)

Penguins 25 (800x600)

WINDOW 46 - 52
Round the back of the store, normality is restored with a more conventional John Lewis window for Christmas -

Penguins 26 (800x600)

Penguins 27 (800x600)

Penguins 28 (800x600)

I hope you enjoyed the tour around our window-run - however, there's nothing like seeing it in real life, so do come and see it in person. Come into the shop and do your Christmas shopping while you're at it - come and see Monty and Mabel in their den on the 3rd Floor !!

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