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IMG_4851b (800x533)

Beautiful, big & bold Gold-tone Leaf Brooch by ‘Monet’ from the 1980s !!

Yes – I have decided to open a new shop in Etsy selling the very best of my vintage jewellery collection !

My liking for vintage jewellery has developed gradually over many years. First came the passion for designing and making my own jewellery, which I have been doing for years and years, and then that developed into a taste for sourcing vintage beads and findings – then I discovered e-Bay...

Bidding on e-Bay was a bit of a relevation – the whole process of searching e-Bay’s jewellery pages for mixed lots of old and sometimes broken vintage jewellery, and then successfully bidding and acquiring a large jewellery box full of treasures is an absolute thrill for me – you never know what you might find !!
Imagine – perhaps your Great Aunt Agatha has died recently and left you their unwanted collection of jewellery from the 1950s, none of which you are in the least bit interested in wearing – what do you do with it ? Well, shove it on e-Bay, of course, with lots of clear and detailed photos, in the hope that maybe someone like me will look at it and make a bid…

Over the last year, I have been dealing in vintage jewellery mainly on e-Bay, under the name ‘wendylady2′, and thus far have learned SO much about various jewellery manufacturers, and their different styles and signatures. It’s been quite an education !!
My favourite eras are the 1950s – so stylish and sophisticated – think of ‘Mad Men’ – all smart suits and cocktail dresses, usually adorned with a large gold brooch from Trifari or Monet, or perhaps a beautiful heavy Egyptian-style collar necklace – and the big & bold 1980s, with well-made and beautifully designed pieces that really stand out in the crowd, like the enormous goldtone leaf brooch above !!
Gradually my collection of stock has grown until I have a huge selection of really beautiful signed pieces from the biggest and most successful jewellery companies of the day, and it got me thinking that, actually, these pieces deserve somewhere a bit more upnmarket than e-Bay I think, with fixed prices to reflect how much work was done in the process – researching, finding other similar pieces, and sometimes identifying pieces too, which is often a bit of a challenge !!
Therefore this shop was created, and now I am in the lengthy and slow process of listing the several hundred items I now own, and offering them for sale to you.

Here is a small selection of what I have uploaded to my Etsy shop thus far :-


IMG_4761 (533x800)

A couple more from my amazing collection of brooches and other jewellery pieces by the ‘Monet’ company – the first is a very long-stemmed Carnation flower with four layers of petals, in highly detailed texture. This brooch was brought out in the 1960s and was called ‘Bouquet’. Furthermore, it’s featured on p.164 of Alice Vega’s excellent book on the history of the Monet company: ‘Monet The Master Jewelers’ – a valuable research tool, by the way !!

I love this beautiful brooch for its fabulous bold design and yet flowing fluid lines. There several other designs in this series according to the 1960s Monet catalogue page printed in Alice Vega’s book.

IMG_4696 (800x533)

The second is a late 1960s Bar brooch, designed in the updated 1960s version of the Art Deco style of the 30s, which was very popular then. This brooch was, amazingly, in production from the late 60s until the late 80s, because it was such a popular design – that’s why you see so many of them on second-hand sites like e-Bay!! For that reason, mine is slightly cheaper than you'd expect for a Monet item.


IMG_4705 (800x533)

IMG_4725 (800x533)

A couple of glorious 1980s necklaces by ‘Napier’ – the first is a faux-pearl and twisted gilt-rope linked necklace with chain-links between each pearl, and secondly, a very popular 1980s style, the large bib choker-length necklace on a flat snake chain.


One of the most popular and well known jewellery companies is of course, Trifari. From the 1950s/60s of their heyday up until the 1980s, they are now undoubtedly one of the most sought-after jewellery manufacturers of the mid-20th Century vintage market. I have several beautiful pieces of 1960s Crown Trifari, and later designs from the 1980s too.

IMG_4777 (800x533)

Crown Trifari clover flower earrings from the 1950s.

IMG_4661 (800x533)

Crown Trifari swirly leaf brooch from the 1960s.

IMG_4666 (800x533)

A later design from the 1980s – just Trifari this time.


IMG_4640 (800x533)

A simply stunning blue, green and gold enamel butterfly brooch, adorned with sections of pavé diamanté on the wings and three diamanté stones down the body, designed by ‘West’. I have had three of these amazing brooches over the year I have been dealing – one I have kept in my personal collection, because I love it, and one I sold about six months ago – this is the third !!


IMG_4680 (800x533)

A huge and pleasingly textured, brushed gold metal, highly-domed brooch by ‘BSK’, from the 60s.


IMG_4644 (533x800)     IMG_4646 (533x800)

A couple of flying geese brooches in different colourways, designed by the famous 1980s cloisonné & enamelled jewellery company ‘Fish’ also known later as ‘Fish & Crown’.


IMG_4893 (800x533)

A beautiful piece from the 1980s – a gold-tone dolphin brooch signed BJ.


A fabulous little gold-coloured abstract brooch, in the Modernist style of the late 60s/early 70s, by the popular ‘Hollywood’ jewellery company, owned by the Bloxidge Brothers in Birmingham, I photographed this on different backgrounds – I decided that it would be quite helpful for potential customers to see what something looked like on various different backgound colours, and also being worn, so that the size of something could be judged as well as the design and colour.

IMG_4857 (800x533)

IMG_4848 (800x533)

IMG_4856 (800x533)

and there are many, many more…

So, if you fancy any of these pieces to complement that perfect outfit, come on over and see what my prices are liike – I have been told that they are pretty reasonable, and the postage is at the lowest level I can possibly manage. I have lots more like this too – new items will be added gradually over the next few months until there is well over a hundred items in stock and most of them are one offs !!

Just click on the new 'Etsy' box in the sidebar.

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