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Money !!



Long story short...

Many years ago, my Grandfather died, and being a pretty successful businessman all his life (he owned a thriving granary and mill business, supplying farms all round Cornwall with animal feed etc) he managed to leave a bit of a substantial sum to be invested in a trust fund, the interest from which my Grandmother and my Auntie Hazel (my mother's sister - mentally slightly impaired and also prone to epileptic fits, thus unlikely ever to earn her own living !!)  would be able to live on pretty well for the natural span of their lives.
When both my Grandmother and my Auntie died, the Trust fund was left wholly to my mother, at a time when my brother, my sister and I were all trying to buy our first properties - hence the reason that my mother made the momentous decision to split the capital three ways between three of us, rather than retaining the money herself.
My share amounted to £20,000, which at the time paid for a substantial £10,000 down-payment on our three-bedroomed ex-Council house in Ealing, West London, and also covered the solicitors fees, Stamp Duty, and the cost of installing double glazing and Central Heating, neither of which our bargain of a house possessed at the time - hurrah !!

That was back in 1997...

Last week, I received a letter from HSBC bank, as did my sister and brother too, with the surprising information that the old Trust Fund had been overcharged by Midland Bank - the bank administering the fund at the time - and that the Fund had been somewhat overcharged incorrectly, as far as Administration Fees went. This had apparently gone on for eighteen years until it was shared between the three of us - and therefore, we were entitled to compensation !!

All I had to do was provide details of my bank account and name, and proof of identity in the form of a passport and some bills with my address on to my local branch of HSBC, to prove that I was who I said I was, which I duly did. Both my brother and my sister have done the same.
Interestingly, when my sister went to her local branch, the teller informed her that they have had so many people with similar letters being processed recently - is this part of a government initiative or has HSBC Bank discovered much wrongdoing on the part of Midland bank in the past ?!!

Today, I received a letter from HSBC bank with the information that my share of the compensation due will be £7,841 and that this sum has been credited to my bank...
Woohoo !!

Thoughts ?

Tags: inheritance, money matters
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