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Yes – we have just returned from a very long weekend over in the city of Krakow, in Poland, to celebrate Marzena’s 40th birthday – one of our many Polish friends. We have been to Krakow before back in 2005, when another of our Polish friends, Iwona, got married to one of our equally numerous English friends, Paul. The post for that occasion is here :-


You may want to read that one in conjunction with this one, as I may refer back to it. Mainly because we revisited some places and got to see how other places have developed since then !!

Marzenka and her husband Simon got married here in Krakow just over two years ago, and now they have a young son, William, and they felt like revisiting the city of their marriage and having some friends along to celebrate it with. We had a marvellous weekend, with much eating, drinking, playing of games and fun – we had three very young children with us which made for a very different holiday indeed – for us anyway !!

This post has been written in my new WordPress blog, but I didn't want any of my Live Journal friends to miss it, even though it will take you half an hour to read it !!
Te link is here:-


Tags: auschwitz-birkenau, travelling in central europe
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