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New Year 2014 !!


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This is a teensy bit late I know, but I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break, and is looking forward to a new and creative year to come. I certainly am, and of late,  I have come to a startling decision regarding my two journal at Live Journal.com...

It has become more and more obvious to me that Live Journal is going East - this blogging platform is now owned by Russian company SUP Media, as you all know, and has been for some considerable time - a while ago, this didn't matter much of course, and you may not think it matters much now, but it has come to my attention that certain things are no longer updated for the English-speaking customers as fast as the Russian ones, and frankly, there are so many bugs to be fixed that it is becoming a bit of a joke. All the Design & Development is now done from the Russian office, and thus, there are many things that get updated without us getting to know about them until much later. The redesign of our personal Home pages leaves a lot to be desired, with the extinction for English users only of the Live Journal Spotlight ( Russian users have something similar where you can promote and/or recommend posts and journals for others to read)

Not to mention the disgraceful amount of DOS attacks, and down-time simply because some hackers are objecting to certain Russian politicians having a blog - well, how dare they !!

Finally, the fact that there are more and more Russian users has now finally tipped the balance in favour of an F-list consisting of people who happily read my fashion journal, and maybe my personal journal, but with whom I cannot communicate in any meaningful way any more - I have lost count of the times I have had a pingback notification that someone over in Russia has mentioned one of my posts in their journal !! Whilst this pleases me no end of course, I do not speak Russian, and certainly do not intend to learn it just so that I can understand posts written by random people who have befriended my Fashion Journal, which is the most visible journal I have in here.
Meanwhile, more importantly, more and more of my original English-speaking F-list has already decamped, or is in the process of decamping, to more instant social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (that site for those with the attention-span of a gnat !!) I get really tired of reading friend's posts that are merely C & P lists of their recent Tweets !!

With all that in mind, I have made the monumental decision to decamp myself !! After much research and testing, I have settled on WordPress as a suitably grown-up blogging platform, which is a bit of a revelation actually  - for one thing, it has themes where you can wrap text around photos, or choose to have a Search button on your front page. Other functions such as the Like and Share buttons, rather like Facebook, are options that LJ may never get. I also like the fact that you can have as many blogs as you like, all linked by your one user-name, and the fact that you can invite contributors to write posts for you sometimes - useful for my Fashion Journal.

So come on over and see my new WordPress Journals - they don't look that different from the Live Journal ones - I have tried to make them as similar as possible, to make myself feel at home as much as anyone else !!
These are the two new journals here - please don't hesitate to befriend them or save the links in your bookmarks list so you can read my updates:-



I have also been trading in second-hand vintage jewellery on E-bay and E-bid as you all know, so I have decided to create a new jewellery blog too - here:-


Please come and have your say about this important decision and get any concerns or queries off your chest - I will be reposting this on my other journal too, so you might have two notifications on your Friend's page !! If you like what you see - you may consider following me over there, especially if you have become a bit frustrated that Live Journal has become far too quiet of late, with everyone leaving in droves. It did prove amazingly easy to transfer each journal in their entirety, into their new homes - yes, all my posts right back to 2005 !!

Also, come and see my new jewellery blog and have a look at some of my current items for sale if you fancy a bit of a change from the usual stuff in the shops...

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