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Christmas Table


Christmas 2013 C & G table 04 (640x480)

Last week, I thought we really needed a bit of a Christmas boost in our main entrance onto Sloane Square. This is our China & Glass display table right in the entrance as you come into the store - it's the first thing you see as you come in, and the last thing you see as you leave - therefore, it has to make a bit of an impact. So, with a bit of help from my talented colleague Dominic, we dressed this table to within an inch of its life...

Here's a step-by-step guide to dressing our feast table for Christmas...

1. First thing's first - strip the whole table of everything on it from the previous display, and return everything back to stock. Then clean it, and all the display blocks and the main base under it too. Dead leaves blown in by the wind, and unreachable dust-bunnies get everywhere !!
2. Secondly, fetch the tallest 10-tread ladders in the store (extremely high ceilings here !) and suspend two huge Christmas wreaths over the table using wire hooks, cable-ties and will-power, and proceed to hang with ribbons and baubles, purloined from the extensive Christmas department on the 5th floor.

Christmas 2013 C & G table 06 (367x640)

Christmas 2013 C & G table 20 (480x640)    Christmas 2013 C & G table 21 (480x640)

3. Thirdly, dress the table with the appropriate gold gauzy tablecloth and cranberry-red runners down the centre - two were used end to end, because the table's so long. Then, a pile of bone-china 'Luna' plates in the centre, with an acrylic box over the top, thus providing a raised platform for one of our amazing giant cocktail glasses, filled with dark red and clear glass baubles, as an impressive centre-piece !!

Christmas 2013 C & G table 14 (480x640)   Christmas 2013 C & G table 19 (480x640)

4. Pile the base of the cocktail glass with bundles of cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbons - they're sure to sell out fast from here...then add some major-sized candle-sticks and red pillar candles from our Candle shop - two each side of the centre-piece should do the trick !!

Christmas 2013 C & G table 15 (480x640)   Christmas 2013 C & G table 18 (480x640)

5. Introduce the 'Stag' Collection by Culinary Concepts to the party, for that particularly Scottish Christmassy feel - a couple of stags emerging from the centre of the table, one each side of the table, a beautiful domed cake stand, and a champagne bucket, with a bottle in it of course !! Both of those have been raised up a little by placing them on top of two large red gift-boxes from the Stationery department on the 4th floor.
Oh yes - and a bowl with a Christmas pudding encased in a traditional muslin cloth...

Christmas 2013 C & G table 17 (480x640)   Christmas 2013 C & G table 23 (480x640)

Christmas 2013 C & G table 22 (640x480)

6. Next, lay the table - a red charger-plate takes the place of a traditional place-mat, and a creamy bone-china range - 'Luna' is used, rather than normal white china - it looks so much more expensive !! Linen napkins to match the runner and a small box of chocs in each bowl. Cutlery is the beautiful mother-of-pearl handled 'Vintage Ivory' range, and pretty etched champagne flutes complete the setting.

Christmas 2013 C & G table 08 (640x480)

The first time we set this table, we used these gorgeous acrylic stags from the 5th floor Christmas department, but they sold out quite quickly - I had to replace them three times before changing them to the newly delivered silver stags from Culinary Concepts.

Christmas 2013 C & G table 07 (372x640)

7. After place-settings, we added loads of gift food - boxes of chocolates and wooden trays of dried fruits, little round boxes of Turkish Delight and Champagne Truffles, leaning against all four sides of the large gift boxes, and then, as an extra touch, we added the smallest gift boxes in between place-settings.

Christmas 2013 C & G table 05 (480x640)   Christmas 2013 C & G table 10 (480x640)

Christmas 2013 C & G table 16 (480x640)

Here is the completed place setting in front of the centre box, with the stag walking out from behind the candles...

Christmas 2013 C & G table 12 (640x480)

8. Lastly, we filled up the base under the table with lots of boxes of crackers, gift hamper and cushions and throws. Also small baskets of Christmas napkin-ring sets, piles of cranberry linen runners and matching place-mats and napkins, piles of red charger plates, and box-sets of the 'Luna' crockery - this is not just a display, it's also a selling fixture, to a certain extent, where people can pick up bits and pieces that are on the table, to buy...

Christmas 2013 C & G table 25 (640x480)

Here is the whole table, with all the little baskets underneath and other bits and pieces, a few photos taken from different angles all round the table:-

Christmas 2013 C & G table 03 (426x640)    Christmas 2013 C & G table 02 (399x640)

Christmas 2013 C & G table 24 (600x800)

As we get nearer Christmas, I fully expect to have to take stuff away as it sells out and replace with alternatives, until the table gets stripped ready for Clearance. I photographed this in detail because it's one of the most fun displays I am required to do during the course of a normal year - the Christmas table is always one of my favourite jobs !!
I hope you like it, and maybe get inspired by it for your own Christmas spread...

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